That's unreasonable!
October 9, 2012, 9:25 AM


It’s unreasonable, unnatural and unnecessary!

“On a good day, enjoy yourself; on a bad day, examine your conscience. God arranges for both kinds of days so that we won't take anything for granted.” Ecclesiastes 7:14

   How many times have you noticed one minute you can be the hero and the next minute be….. well, the goat? It seems to work that way in this world. No matter how much we have, it can all be gone in a split second. We see it, or worse, we experience it. So it seems we can’t help but worry about what’s going to happen.

    Jesus has a lot to say about worry. First He says it’s unreasonable. (Matt. 6:25) Jesus tells us to stop worrying about the stuff that is not eternally important. Be worried about what’s going to last forever, now that’s important! He says it’s unnatural. (Matt.  6:26) Jesus says the birds and the plants don’t worry about that kind of stuff. God will take care of them! Have you ever thought about this? Out of all of God’s creation human beings are the ones that don’t trust God to take care of them.  He says it’s unnecessary. Worrying about “stuff” comes from a misunderstanding about God and what He has promised! We always get in trouble when we either forget or fail to understand Him. God says we are His children, and He will take care of us.

   Worry is really playing God. It’s assuming responsibility for something God says He will take care of. Paul writes to the Philippians “my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus. This week try to rely more on the promises God gives; He will take care of you! Have a great week!                                                           Philip