August 18, 2015, 12:00 AM

  I got up early Saturday morning and drove east on Interstate 30. It was a fast trip, and a long day, to attend a 50th wedding anniversary reception. My Dad’s only sister, Elizabeth has been married to my uncle Gerald for 50 years. I spent a lot of time as a teenager in Texarkana with my Aunt and Uncle. I congratulate them. The averages say, only one in twenty marriages will last for 50 years.  On top of that, I know there were some tough times for my aunt and uncle, which included losing their only son, Michael in a fatal car wreck December 21, 1993. I am humbled by their commitment, to their commitment.

    I took the opportunity to visit Shiloh Cemetery, east of town on Hwy 82. My grandparents are buried there. It is a small cemetery attached to Shiloh Baptist Church. I walked around and realized there are lots of Sims buried here, 36 in all. I found only one that misspelled Sims, (two m’s).

     In a real way I feel an attachment to that little cemetery. I can’t help but think and wonder about the influence my grandparents had on me.

     In Jeremiah 7 God calls on His people to remember what He did there. Shiloh was the place God set up, as a gift to Israel, the symbol of His authority. It was originally to be a place where Israel could stand before God, find forgiveness and instruction, a place of peace.

     Shiloh is also believed to be a name for the coming Messiah.  It means “he is who is to be sent”. We recognize that as Jesus, the one who brings the offer of peace to all men.

     It draws an interesting picture for me, Shiloh. First and most important, it tells me of the arrival of the One who would offer salvation to all men everywhere, a person. The fulfillment of a promise made long ago.

     Second, it’s the name of a place. God, through Jeremiah warns us about making sure our faith is in the person, not the place.

     So, I went to Shiloh last Saturday. I remembered what God did there a long time ago. His people had put their faith in that place. I also thought, not only about what God did there, but because of the Person, what God will someday do, right here just east of Texarkana on hwy 82. Papa, and Grandma will live again.!

     I hear all the time how important location, location, location, is. I hope we understand, He is so much more important. Remember what God did, and then, believe what someday He will do. “We are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.”

Come on, let’s go to Shiloh.

Philip Sims (with one m)


09-05-2015 at 3:33 PM
Bobby Sims
I was moved by this bulletin article. I am so proud of Philip and his commitment to the Good News that Christ came not to condemn the world, but to save the world.
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