Name change??
May 6, 2014, 2:51 PM

     I was told recently by a friend of mine that he laughed at the title of my weekly bulletin article and blog, “Phil Us Up”.  Of course it got me to thinking.  Jesus wonderfully said in His sermon on the mount, “Blessed are those who are hungry and thirsty, they will be filled.”

   It seems to me that being thirsty and hungry is something most of us are not. I wonder if somewhere along the road we thought we were satisfied and simply pushed back from the table. A book I read a few years ago said that we all are given a craving from God, a hunger that will be satisfied by something. The only question is, what will we “Phil” ourselves up with? When we try to do it with possessions, power or success, well sooner or later we figure out this truth.  Those things will never fill us up! When we try to fill up on those things, we are answering our own call. I know because I have been guilty often of being full of myself, full of my ideas, full of what I want. When Jesus promises, “they shall be filled” it is those who are answering the clear call of our awesome God, not their own voice.

     Maybe the problem is most of us are not in want for much. Maybe the problem is not that we are full, but we are never empty. I think the idea is we need to fill up, so that God can pour us out. Only then will He fill us up again, if we are dining from the right menu.  It’s only after we are empty we will ever be hungry or thirsty.

     One of the reasons the Dead Sea is dead is because fresh water runs into the sea, to the tune of 6 ½ tons a day but has no outlet. (Catholic encyclopedia) The only way water leaves is by evaporation, the salts and minerals stay. Always filling up, never emptying.

     Maybe that’s the reason behind the spiritual discipline of fasting. To remind us what it means to be hungry, to thirst for a righteousness that only comes from God and His Son. Maybe if I spent less time at the table eating, and more time emptying myself…….who knows how God would fill me up!

Have a great……hungry and thirsty week!


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