Mothers day like no other for some.
May 9, 2013, 2:25 PM

Mothers Day 2013

A day some Mothers will never forget.

    It is my sincere hope and prayer you have some time this week to think about and be thankful for your mother. I can’t imagine the sacrifices our mothers experienced for us. When we think about our mothers, it’s usually not the big or monumental things we think about, rather it’s the small acts of kindness, the constant caring we experienced that made such a big difference in our lives. Every day our lives were molded by the little things that made a difference. Things we would find out later were not so little. We should take note because every new day brings with it, the opportunity to extend kindness or help to someone God has put in our path. Making the most of opportunities, making a difference means: having the courage to act; willing to display the love of God that lives in us; and showing love and kindness toward our family and others. These kinds of things have always been used by God to make a difference and change lives. Sometimes something really big happens if we just hear and act.

   Yesterday, Charles Ramsey did something while eating a McDonald’s hamburger. You never know what God will use to make a difference. "I heard screaming, I'm eating my McDonald's, I come outside and I see this girl going nuts trying to get out. I go on the porch and she said, 'Help me get out, my name is Amanda Berry.' "I knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a black man's arms.” Those words led police to a house near downtown Cleveland where Amanda and two other women who vanished about ten years ago were found, elating family members and friends who had longed to see them again. Louwanna Miller, Amanda’s mother died in 2006 from pancreatitis and a broken heart. The other two mothers will celebrate a mother’s day like never before, just because Charles Ramsey went outside to see. At least four lives were changed forever and those who were lost were found.

    I am reminded of how we serve a God who specializes in finding the lost. Even with things that, may at the time seem small. Our God is so big, so strong and so mighty there’s nothing our God cannot do, through you!

    May God bless you this week with courage to do something, it might not seem like much, but God just might use it for something really big. Thanks Mom for all the “little” things you did and do. Happy Mother’s Day!