Missions, Why?
October 27, 2016, 9:26 AM

     This Sunday night, October 30, we host the area wide meeting! I hope and pray we all can be here to share some of the mission efforts we are all engaged in. I ask for us all to make a special effort to be here at 5:30 for singing and praise!

    From the very beginning of the Christian faith, we have been called to missions. Jesus, in his final instructions to the remaining eleven disciples, (some of them who were still not too sure) said go into the world and make disciples. Now I like those kinds of simple, direct instructions, given by one who has all authority.  I also believe the worst reason for doing mission work is to simply fulfill a responsibility created by a command. We share the good news about our God and Savior because of our devotion to Him and our love for each other.

    The greatest missionary that ever lived, I believe was Paul. He was motivated by two things, his love for God, because of what Jesus had done for him and his love for people. Now Paul did receive more precise instructions, both negative and positive. Jesus prevented him from going some places and gave instructions in a dream to go!  During the night Paul had a vision of a man of Macedonia standing and begging him, "Come over to Macedonia and help us." Acts 16:9

    Every couple of years the area wide churches gather together, not only to worship but also to share some of the different missions each one is engaged in. I love the diversity in missions demonstrated by the different churches. 

   It is beneficial for us to see other church families and how they are sharing the gospel both locally and globally. So this Sunday night as we sing and fellowship with brothers and sisters, some who I know and others I have never met, I think about the answer to this question. Why do Christians share Jesus Christ with other people? I hope the answer is because we value God’s love, we know the incredible encouragement of being part of God’s family. The privilege of being part of God’s plan humbles and awes us. The most selfish thing I could ever do is to not share Jesus Christ with anyone. The prayer for my local, area, worldwide brothers and sisters is that we share our resources, our blessings and our opportunities in order to share the most important thing we all have, our Saviour. May the joy in our salvation grow, and our hearts filled to overflow with Him.