Iron Sharpening
April 25, 2018, 9:27 AM

    Last Sunday afternoon Brian Hodnett and I went out for what I’ve been told is the first annual manly campout. With us was seven of our youth boys it was all for an overnight primitive camp out. The girls all went out that Sunday for some stuff they like to do in Abilene. I can report the boys had a great time, as did Brian and I, and much of the conversation was how the girls couldn’t be having as much fun as we were having! I heard a report that the girls were having the same conversation, just the other way around.

    There are some pictures on Facebook, and also posted on if you would like to see.

   As we sat around the campfire I was humbled as I listened to our young men talk about Gods word. We all shared some of our favorite stories in God’s world and talked about Proverbs 27:17, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” What was humbling for this old preacher was this; I had to consider who was doing the sharpening! Listening to Eli, Luke, Colby, Cooper, Caden, Kason, and Hank, I got the feeling; these guys are really on the right track. I think I can speak for Brian, these young men are the kind of examples I need in my life. .

    I read an article this week about the importance of getting our young out in the wilderness; I think it applies to us all if we are able to get out there. We often talk about “child development” maybe we should include us all and call it Christian development. I do know this, getting out in the wilderness helps us as Christians develop in lots of ways including, socially, emotionally, intellectually, morally and physically.

    God blessed us with wonderful weather this week, and just activating our senses physically the cool air, the warmth of the fire, to hear meaningful stories from God’s word creates a sense of getting closer to God and each other. 

    Even the simple things like caring for the fire, making sure we left our camp as clean as we found it created a sense of stewardship for God’s creation. Watching these young men do things, some they didn’t have lots of experience with, gain confidence and independence was heartwarming. Iron Sharpening Iron.

    Strengthening and building relationships with peers and across generational lines, (old preacher and not so old coach) was Iron Sharpening Iron. Finally I hope there were some memories made I know there were with me.

    We also give thanks to Terry the opportunity to spend some time getting sharpened and I hope sharpening some young men we all love!

God bless you this week, and I love you all!