Better than Santa
December 4, 2012, 1:44 PM

   I read this definition of the gospel the other day, “God created us, loves us, and will not – in spite of our sinfulness – leave us to the horrible fate we deserve”. So God comes after us, sends His own Son from heaven to pay the debt we owe. He invites us to His grace only because He loves us. That is the simple truth of the gospel.

   I remember growing up and not celebrating Christmas as the birthday of Jesus. (We do know, December 25th very likely is not Jesus birthday.)  I also remember growing up having lots of discussion about the truth of Santa. Once in a while you hear of someone getting in trouble because they say there is no Santa! Here is what I know now, the gospel story is TRUE, and the Christmas story must be told. It seems to me the greater problem are Christians who have no problem with sharing Santa, but have some problem in telling the TRUE story of a baby being born of a virgin. The story of how God’s love came to earth as a baby and the start of realizing the promise to reconcile sinful man to Him.  

  We were blessed with a beautiful white Christmas a few years ago. For me the picture of a white Christmas is more than a blanket of white snow. It’s the picture of a human heart, washed as white as snow by the blood of a baby born of a virgin in a manger long ago. It’s an open invitation to come to Christ and be washed clean. It’s an invitation for a life filled with a new Hope and new Life. You see Christmas is about gifts, but not from a man dressed in red and white, but from a little baby wrapped in swaddling clothes.

            “And this shall be a sign unto you; You shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.”

   It is my prayer we embrace the true Christmas spirit this season, giving the gifts of love, hope and forgiveness. And we give those gifts because they were given to us by that little baby who grew up strong enough to carry a cross.   I love you all.     Philip