October 15, 2013, 9:19 AM

What are they, what’s the difference? I think if you ask most folks, what faith is, or what belief is, the answer will not be, well there's not much difference. The thing is they are so related, so close in meaning, many think they are the same. Different translations often use the two words interchangeably which is often confusing. So what is belief? Here is a good definition; a judgment or opinion in which a person is fully persuaded. Beliefs, simply stated, are things we are convinced of. Faith is something different. Faith includes our beliefs, but it is bigger than our beliefs, it requires action. If our beliefs do not move us to action, then there is no faith. James says it like this. “Faith is dead when it doesn’t result in faithful activity” (CEB) Do you see how belief and faith are interrelated? The difference is subtle but critical. When we believe the truth with enough confidence to act, we exercise our faith! Jesus says it doesn’t take much faith for stuff to happen even miraculous stuff! (Matt. 17:20) I often hear lots of religious talk about what someone believes. Here is what I observe. Religious talk desires something to happen—faith expects something to happen. Religious babble talks about prayer—faith spends time in prayer. Lots of Christians want lots of stuff from God—“faithers” anticipate provision and supply from God! Many of us live in a state of want, with no trust. Faithers live lives filled with action, expecting God to move mountains! Faith is the assurance of things hoped for; the conviction of things not seen. I spent way too much effort at times telling others what I believe instead of acting on what I believed, and watching God Move Mountains. God shows up when His people act in faith. Now you tell me, what’s the difference between belief and faith? Mountains that move! Have a great week. Philip